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Electrical Wiring Harness Design

Electrical, Electronics, E&TC, Instrumentation Specializations: Wiring Harness / Cabling Design

Wire harnesses are assemblies of electrical cables that transmit signals in electrical applications. They are a bundle of loose wires grouped together into a single covering for a more organized system. Such wire harnesses are used in various industries, with the automotive industry being one of the largest consumers.

Benefits of automotive wire harnesses

Automotive wire harnesses provide several benefits to those using these devices in their automobiles. Some of the main benefits include –

  • Reduced installation time – Imagine installing multiple wires into your system. And then, consider installing only a single unit that combines multiple wires. It is obvious that installing a single unit is very fast as compared to multiple units. Moreover, this also reduces the risks of incorrect wiring possibilities.
  • Reduced risk of shorting – The wire harnesses combine multiple wires into non-flexible bundles, thus making it safer as compared to loose wires, and minimizing the risk of shorts in electrical circuits.
  • Great performance in harsh conditions – Automotive wiring harnesses are made from durable materials, thus making the harness durable too. They are designed in a way that these bundles can perform extremely well under harsh conditions and can also carry heavy power loads.
  • Improved fuel efficiency – Wiring harnesses play a major role in improving fuel efficiency of any and every vehicle.
  • Performance in hybrid cars – Hybrid cars being highly in demand, automotive wire harnesses are the best options as they provide excellent performance in harsh environments too. This means that these harnesses can transmit high currents in even in extreme conditions, thus being able to handle electrical loads, and resist high heat and electromagnetic noise.

Course Structure Description:

Automotive Wiring Harness/ Cabling design has been a prime importance in functional performance of a vehicle. Industry need expertise that will help them in innovative high efficient and low cost design. This course will help to use Schematics to create schematic diagrams for electrical harness, how to configure the catalog library, how to create functional block diagrams and block interconnect diagrams. Also this course will help to use to create 3-D cad modelling of harnesses. This course is for those who what to stand out as an Electrical wiring harness design expert.

Course Structure

1. Products and Manufacturing Egg Basics

• Classification, types, assembly, Electricals etc.

2. Electrical basic

• Building wiring design

• Specification, Major functions, etc.

• Connectors, Evolution, Different types of const, etc.

• Material - Specifications, Selection, Database search, etc.

3. NPI - New Product Introduction

• Wiring design Principles, role & responsibilities of team, etc.

• BOM, Subsystems, Part nomenclature, etc.

4. Electrical CAD (Creo 2.0, Schematics, cabling,)

• 2-D CAD, schematic design, processes for electrical harness designs, Create and configure the catalog library

• Create functional block diagrams (including block interconnect diagrams), etc.

• 3D CAD Electrical, Create circuit diagrams, Create wiring diagrams (including wire interconnect diagrams), etc.